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Let Get Married Vanuatu help you Tie the knot on the beautiful Northern Vanuatu Islands of Santo & Aore

We here at Get Married Vanuatu serve brides and grooms who want their wedding on the beach with the sand on their feet while aligning perfectly their personal wishes with the formalities for a perfect wedding day.

Get Married Vanuatu works exclusively on the beautiful natural untouched and unspoilt Northern Vanuatu Islands of Santo and Aore where you will experience your wedding that is simply tropical.

Get Married Vanuatu’s professional wedding planner Helen provides a personalised caring-service, local knowledge and experience that makes it incredibly easy for you to make your dream tropical Island wedding happen.

With your wedding on the beach with the sand on your feet, your Vanuatu wedding can have the perfect balance between formality and fun on the natural untouched and unspoilt Northern Vanuatu Islands of Santo and Aore.

Contact Get Married Vanuatu to find out how easy it is to make your Vanuatu tropical Island wedding happen.

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What Get Married Vanuatu’s professional wedding planner Helen can do for you?

Helen will organise everything from the all-important documentation process to make your Vanuatu wedding legal to the smallest detail on your wedding day wish list.

Helen is with you all the way, from the planning process right up to when you’ve tied the knot, cut the cake and your day is done.
Helen offers her personalised caring wedding planning service to couples who want to elope, to couples who want just a few guests or to couples who want lots of guests.

She knows that no two weddings are the same. It’s important to Helen that you have the day that you want. If that means you want to avoid some traditions you’re not into while embracing others - then that is just fine with her.

Helen can also help you plan other special ceremonies like Wedding Vow Renewal ceremonies, Wedding Devotion ceremonies or Non-Wedding Devotion ceremonies.

Contact Get Married Vanuatu to get Helen to help you plan your dream tropical Island wedding.

Get Married Vanuatu Wedding Packages

We here at Get Married Vanuatu know that each individual couple have their own ideas for their wedding day.

That is why Get Married Vanuatu has created a small selection of wedding packages with you in mind, to make choices easy and yet still be able to have your own individual personal touch.

If none of the packages suit your personal wedding day wish list, Get Married Vanuatu has created the very unique Make Your own Wedding Package. This package allows you to choose whatever wedding day extras you would personally like and affords you the luxury of having as little or as much as you would like for your Vanuatu tropical Island wedding day.

Go to Wedding Packages to see what Get Married Vanuatu Wedding Package suits your personal wishes.

Get Married Vanuatu Wedding Extras

No wedding anywhere in the world is complete without having some ‘must have’ wedding day extras and here in Santo and Aore is no exception. The bride carrying a beautiful posy of heady scented tropical flowers, a matching buttonhole for the groom, the bride being pampered with having her hair and makeup done and a photographer to take your all-important photos as they will be your memories.

Get Married Vanuatu offers you all of the above plus other wedding day extras. A floral arch decorated with tropical flowers to stand under or may be a simple floral heart in the sand to stand in, a local Ni-Vanuatu String band to play while you walk down the aisle or arrive at your wedding ceremony in a decorated local dugout canoe.

Get Married Vanuatu’s wedding day extras are both traditional and cultural.

Go to Wedding Day Extras and choose what you would like for your wedding day.

Why Choose Us.....

Get Married Vanuatu is delighted to have given a personal caring-service to couples to help them tie the knot in Paradise. Read just what one couple had to say......

Where do I even begin.....

From the first email I thought I had stumbled across someone special and boy was I right!

Helen, I can not thank you enough for your commitment and professionalism with planning our ceremony.

Absolutely everything was taken care of, the level of communication was second to none. And the apparent ease in which you pulled it all together for us is nothing short of exceptional.

I can not recommended highly enough you and your expert services to anyone and everyone thinking about getting married in Vanuatu.

It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Kindest and warmest regards Bianca and Cheyne GASSON - Married at Aore Resort.

Where in Vanuatu will you find Get Married Vanuatu? Not in Port Vila but on the beautiful Islands of Santo & Aore.

Vanuatu is made up of 83 large, medium, small and teeny weeny Islands that are scattered over an extensive area in the South Pacific.

See the big Island three quarters of the way up the map with the word Luganville - that's the Island of Santo and Aore Island is just a hop, skip and a jump over the Segond Channel that separate the two Islands. This is where your Vanuatu wedding will be.

Get Married Vanuatu plans weddings on Vanuatu’s largest Island, Santo and on one of Vanuatu’s smallest Islands, Aore.

Santo and Aore Islands are a 45 minute domestic plane flight from Port Vila. These Vanuatu Islands just ooze natural beauty that is untouched and unspoilt and you can have all this beauty as your backdrop for your perfect Vanuatu wedding.

Only 2:45 mins away you will find your dream wedding location ... Welcome to Santo

4 Easy Steps on how to get from Australia to your perfect Vanuatu wedding destination in just 2hrs 45 minutes

  • Book your Air Vanuatu return tickets on the direct flight from Brisbane to Santo leaving on any Tuesday of the year, returning on any Monday of the year.
  • On your chosen Tuesday go to the Brisbane Airport - check in - clear immigration - relax and wait for your takoff time of 11am.
  • Board the plane - buckle in - settle in and enjoy the short 2 hour 45 minute flight to Paradise.
  • Arrive at Pekoa International Airport, Santo at 2.45pm Vanuatu time - clear customs and immigration - walk outside – welcome to your perfect Vanuatu wedding destination.

What if you can’t fly direct from Brisbane to Santo and Aore? Not a problem. Come to Vanuatu via Port Vila, head over to the domestic terminal and jump on one of the regular Air Vanuatu daily domestic flights that are available and in 45 minutes you’ll be in Santo – welcome to your perfect Vanuatu wedding destination.

Things to do and see on your Honeymoon On the Vanuatu Islands of Santo and Aore

After your wedding on Santo or Aore what better way to begin your married life but to stay on and spend your honeymoon and explore and experience the natural beauty of these untouched and unspoilt Vanuatu Islands that are real Vanuatu.

There’s adventure, snorkelling, dugong and turtle watching, diving, horse riding, crystal clear Blue Holes to swim in and the whitest of white sand of Champagne Beach to just lie on. There's the romance of strolling along the beach hand in hand, watching the sun go down together while sipping your favourite cocktail or having an intimate dinner on the beachfront under gently swaying coconut palms.

However you choose to spend your honeymoon there's no better place in Vanuatu to start your married life together than the Islands of Santo and Aore.

Just some of the things to do and see on Santo and Aore Islands - your honey moon & wedding destination 

  • Champagne
  • BeachPort Orly
  • Million Dollar Point
  • Romantic Dinners  
  • Dive the SS Coolidge
  • Crystal Clear Blue Holes
  • Horse Riding
  • Lazing Around
  • Snorkelling
  • Millennium Caves
  • Kayaking
  • Doing Nothing
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