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Weddings with Get Married Vanuatu

Have your dream Vanuatu wedding on an idyllic tropical Island on a white sandy beach with coconut palms swaying in a gentle breeze, with your family and friends sharing your special day.

Helen from Get Married Vanuatu an experienced wedding planning specialist who works exclusively on the beautiful Vanuatu Island of Espiritu Santo can help make your dream wedding come true.

Helen has the experience, exceptional organisational skills, the advantage of local knowledge, and knows everything there is to know about weddings in Espiritu Santo. She will be your Vanuatu wedding buddy who will be with you all the way, who is on the ground and will organise absolutely everything for you so your wedding day will be everything you are dreaming of.

Choose one of our wedding packages or contact me with preliminary details of your wedding and I will reply with lots of helpful information.  Relax - it’s taken care of by Get Married Vanuatu...


Who is Helen and what can she do for you

Helen Powell at Get Married Vanuatu is an experienced wedding planning specialist and she has lived in the Espiritu Santo region for 8 years. After recognising that the raw natural beauty that surrounded her had much to offer as an idyllic wedding destination, she set her exceptional organisational/event planning skills to work and created Get Married Vanuatu. That was 4 years ago and today Helen is bringing pleasure to brides and grooms by organising one of the most significant events in their lives – their wedding day.
Helen makes it so easy for you to feel comfortable and relaxed on the journey leading to one of the most special days of your life. Her friendly outgoing personality, her experience and organisational skills, her ability to convey detailed information to you, her presence on your wedding day all go towards making your Vanuatu tropical Island wedding day unforgettable.

Go to About Us to find out more about Helen and what she will do for you.  Relax - it's taken care of by Get Married Vanuatu.

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Where in Vanuatu will you find Get Married Vanuatu & Helen?

Vanuatu is made up of 83 large, medium, small and teeny weeny Islands that are scattered over an extensive area in the South Pacific.

Helen from Get Married Vanuatu lives and works exclusively on Vanuatu’s largest Island Espiritu Santo or Santo as she and the locals call it.

See the big Island three quarters of the way up the map - that's were you will find Get Married Vanuatu and Helen

Santo's retail/commercial centre of Luganville is the second largest in Vanuatu.

Santo is easily accessible from Vanuatu's capital Port Vila by a 45 minute domestic flight.

Only 2:45 mins away you will find your dream wedding location ... Welcome to Santo

4 Easy Steps on howTo get from Australia to your dream wedding destination in Just 2hrs 45 mins

  • Book your Air Vanuatu return tickets on the direct flight from Brisbane to Espiritu Santo leaving on any Tuesday of the year, returning on any Sunday of the year.
  • On your chosen Tuesday go to the Brisbane Airport - check in - clear immigration - relax and wait for your takoff time of 11am.
  • Board the plane - buckle in - settle in and enjoy the short 2 hour 45 minute flight to Paradise.
  • Arrive at Pekoa Airport, Espiritu Santo at 2.45pm Vanuatu time - clear customs and immigration - walk outside to your waiting transfer - hop in - your dream tropical Island wedding and honeymoon has begun.

Things to do and see on your Honeymoon

Espitritu Santo is an idyllic destination to spend your honeymoon.

It's natural, it's unspoilt, it's beautiful, romantic, adventurous, and it is so relaxing.

Top this of with the smiles and friendliness of the local Ni-Vanuatu people and you have found the perfect place to spend your honeymoon.

Just some of the things Santo offers as a honey moon & wedding destination 

  • Champagne
  • BeachPort Orly
  • Million Dollar Point
  • Romantic Dinners  
  • Dive the SS Coolidge
  • Crystal Clear Blue Holes
  • Horse Riding
  • Lazing Around
  • Snorkelling
  • Millennium Caves
  • Kayaking
  • Doing Nothing
Contact Us
  • Call us on +678 7738687
  • Click here to email Helen.
  • Santo, Vanuatu
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